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Jimmy Poulos - Corporate Comedian
Just Jimmy
Live Comic Performer
Jimmy Poulos - Comedian
Just Jimmy
Jimmy is a gifted comedian, guaranteed to leave even the toughest critic laughing.

He also he has a reputation for being reliable, organized, and professional, making him a favourite with audiences and venues alike.

Jimmy is an intuitive performer who has the ability to ‘read’ his audience and tailor his routine to suit. This has lead to him developing a reputation as an excellent Corporate Comedian and MC entertaining a wide range of audiences - from corporate functions for Major Banks and International Hotel Chains to the Governor of Queensland.

Jimmy is a consummate live performer, with extensive television experience.

Most notably Jimmy has appeared as:
A regular character actor Channel 7’s Wombat – Jimmy was always the bad guy!

A presenter on The Great South East (Also Channel 7)

A headliner on the FMV TV Comedy Special (Channel 7 again!)

TV Commercials for Yellow Taxi’s, Toyota, and a lot of other Really Big Companies, AND they appeared on         ALL channels! Except the ABC. And SBS, of course… oh,         and community channels. And Cable. But still lots!