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Once upon a time, way back in the 1960’s…

.there was a little Greek boy named Demetrios Xanthopoulos, who lived with his family in Brisbane. When little Demetrios started school he couldn’t help but notice most of the other boys and girls didn’t really look too much like him, or any of his family. These kids were blonde, had two eyebrows, and none of them had moustaches!

If it is true Australian children express affection with teases and taunts, then Demetrios was clearly a much loved boy. And yet, he remained unbowed: calling forward the spirit of his Greek ancestors, he used humour as his shield, wit as his ammunition, and rapid fire delivery as a weapon. This triad of skills became ever stronger as the years went on, and perhaps it was his ability at the verbal joust that led to social acceptance; mayhap ‘twas ‘getting the laugh’ that got him through…

More likely though, it’s coz he changed his name…